What if everyone is born with an endless supply of love?

Only enough for my family and friends — maybe some for my country and other ego based ‘memberships.’

And our spouses only get it when they give it, and vice versa.

We don’t have extra…

Many experts agree that business is relevant in today’s global economy.

So how do we move the needle in this ever-changing financial world?

Drive Revenue:

Literally DRIVE revenue — to the…

This is not what I thought I would be working on today…

It started with an email from someone I mistakenly thought I knew.

Right away I noticed the careless grammar and failure to greet me by name. But I didn’t think too much of it.

I don’t do freelance graphic design anymore…

Shitter Sleuth joins the growing list to file for bankruptcy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

America’s number one fecal detection agency, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief in a Charleston, SC district court, expects to close the majority — if not all — of its services, which are spread across 30 states. Shitter Sleuth has also begun store-closing and liquidation sales and is considering the sale of its e-commerce business and related intellectual property.

For more information, visit www.shittersleuth.com.

They start to question their life.

They start to make changes.

People develop new habits.

The whole world is going to change for the best — long term.

We’re going to be healthier and working on things that add value to other humans.

Money is going to more closely follow skills no matter who or where they are located — not by outdated jobs created and sustained by white people simply because they could.

As we progress, a kid in the Congo with an iPad will be able to outwill a privileged American child.

It’s a global trimming of the fat.

Overall as a species we are going downhill. Most of the subjects I’ve observed are drinking too much, not doing anything productive and getting dumber by the month. If you are of another race, this is your chance to rise to power.

My job after over 15 years. It was more of a presumptive strike. They wanted more of me and I wanted less of them.

I asked my wife if she wants to take next year off and travel with the kids. …

Dave Alexander

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