How to Gain Power and Influence the World

Dave Alexander
1 min readSep 2, 2020


What if everyone is born with an endless supply of love?

But love seems like such a valuable resource that we trade it, or withhold it.

Only enough for my family and friends — maybe some for my country and other ego based ‘memberships.’

And our significant others only get it when they give it, and vice versa.

We don’t have extra love to give to the stranger who walks by. Or the person in China that helped assemble the phone we’re holding. Or to that co-worker we despise.

Or do we?

What if there’s enough love for all of those people…and everyone else? Enough love to give it all day — every day to anyone we encounter. Anyone we think about.

What if we send love to every person that crosses our mind, and everyone we see? Just through a simple thought.

And what if that simple thought changes the way we interact with the world — and the way the world interacts with us. And what if instead of power, love comes back and is even more powerful than power?

All from an endless supply of love that is available to everyone all the time.