How to quit smoking forever and reward yourself with cigarettes

Dave Alexander
3 min readAug 13, 2020


Forever is too long. The brain can’t comprehend forever. Forever just sounds like never again to a smoker.

I’m never going to smoke again. That sounds good for a day or so, or a week, or maybe a few months.

But then you have a bad day, and you’re drinking and other people are smoking. Forever is a long time.

I’ll never be able make it that long.

And the pattern continues.

What if you gave yourself a break, and a reward?

What is the best kind of reward for a smoker? Cigarettes of course!

Is this too good to be true?

Forever is clearly too long. Six months is doable though. Right?

What if you only have to quit for six months?

I had a bad day and all my friends are smoking. I can’t wait to smoke again in six months…in three months…in a few weeks.

It’s something to look forward to. A special treat for your long, difficult six month battle. You deserve a shit-load of cigarettes for your efforts.

When it’s time to smoke again, it’s only for one glorious day and night. You choose the day. Make it a special occasion.

Smoke like you’ve never smoked before. Get a few packs and chain smoke. All day long. Stay up late smoking. Hot-box your car. Have the time of your life.

This is your last chance for six months, so squeeze a few more in before bed. Brush your teeth and have another. Be cool like the people in movies that have a cigarette in bed. Have another after your late night snack.

The next day won’t be quite as glorious. You won’t feel very good. But another six month contract won’t sound so difficult on this day.

I feel awful. I’m never going to smoke again. You might mention when you wake up.

But we know how never works. Eventually you’ll forget the pain of that day. You’ll be at a party after a stressful day.

I really want one cigarette…

But I do get to smoke in a few more months. That’s going to be a real treat.

Imagine how glorious that day will be.

And go wild again on that special day. Smoke a mouth full of cigs at once. Break off the filters. Have a smoke ring contest. This is your time to shine!

Every six months and repeat.

Eventually that glorious biannual smoke fest might start to lose some of it’s appeal. The brain will start to associate cigarettes with that smokey hangover that seems to show up every six months, and not the stress relieving hobby status that it currently holds.

If not, smoke again…in six months. And repeat.

Feel the freedom of knowing you can smoke forever…twice a year.

It took me three rounds before I lost complete interest. How long will it take you?

* If you can’t even make it six months, you’re a wimp and deserve a slow painful death.




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