I Quit

Dave Alexander
2 min readAug 13, 2020


My job after over 15 years. It was more of a presumptive strike. They wanted more of me and I wanted less of them.

I asked my wife if she wants to take next year off and travel with the kids. I knew she would auto-reject something so out of the ordinary.

I told her not to worry about the money.

This video game thing would be too difficult to explain to her, so I didn’t try.

But I was able to fake enough confidence in my idea to get her curiously considering my hair-brained scheme.

Of course she would have to give up her teaching job too.

We could make around $1,500 a month by renting our house. And my boss is going to arrange the paperwork so I can receive unemployment insurance.

I have two fledgling businesses that I hope can support us eventually — but I’ll be having to put a lot more money into them for the foreseeable future.

We have 12k left in the bank.

40k in my 401k.

My kids are 12 and 14.

Am I scared?

I would be if this weren’t a video game.

Earlier, I temporarily forgot that I’m playing a video game. I started to get nervous about the future — all the terrible things that could happen. The unknown.

Broke in a gutter on the side of the road.

But I remembered what I’ve noticed about the worst case scenario for every American white person who loses their jobs and can’t find another one for years — They live in an apartment with a used car.

That’s rock bottom. They still have phones, TV, etc.

It rarely gets worse than that for a relatively sober white person.

Compared to most of the rest of the world, that’s first class living.

The credit card companies can’t kill me — and dying is really all I have to worry about.

They can’t even put me in jail. They’re really not very scary in this game.

Anyway, I have like fifty more years to pay off creditors. And if I don’t end up paying it off, I’ll be dead anyway. Game over.

Should I wait and see how my businesses do first? Maybe saving for my kids college and retirement before I go off and do something so reckless?

Maybe, but that doesn’t seem like the best strategy in this game. My life clock is ticking down.

Am I delusional? I haven’t ruled that out yet.