What if you’re both right?

Dave Alexander
2 min readAug 13, 2020


There’s a weird phenomenon called wisdom of crowds. Example: If you ask a million people how much a cow weighs, you’ll have some idiots that guess it weighs a million pounds — and some that think it weighs five pounds. But the average of everyone’s guess is going to be eerily close to the correct answer.

So no matter how extreme someone’s views are, they are correct — because the universe is using us to experience itself from all different angles.

If the universe felt that it would be beneficial for all humans to be republicans, we would have all evolved into republicans. If it felt that liberals were superior, we would all be liberals.

God, or the universe, or whatever you believe in is up to something so complex that our brains will never be able to comprehend. But there’s clear evidence that whatever it’s doing is working if you zoom out and view the world and time on a macro level.

Resisting the thoughts and actions of other people is resisting long term progress — no matter how obviously correct you know you are.

So if you hate the evil heartless republicans, you are resisting what the universe is trying to do. If you hate lazy bleeding heart liberals who think everything should be free and don’t understand where money and value are produced, then you are resisting God’s plan.

5’ 3” NBA basketball player Mugsy Bogues’ mom told him when he was young ‘God don’t make no mistakes.’

So if we understand that all of us are ultimately right, then we can treat other people with love no matter how hateful, mean or stupid we perceive them to be. God included them in the plan, so that’s probably how it should be.